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Thought Leadership Workshop

Take the time and effort out of writing and promoting your thought leadership with this practical, full day workshop. We use proven frameworks to help you hone your ideas and distill your thinking so you can create a compelling and forceful argument and express your insights in ways that cut through to your target audience.

You will also walk away with your own draft thought leadership piece created using 2020 Clarity, a technique to spend 20 minutes on an outline which takes 20 seconds to read.

The workshop is tailored to your industry as well as each participant’s specific needs.

In this workshop you will learn:Einstein Theory of Thought Leadership

  • What topic and angle will cut through and attract attention
  • How to distil your thinking into insights
  • Ways to arrange a concise but compelling argument to prove your point
  • What proof points and evidence do you need to carry the day
  • How to outline your thinking without too much effort
  • Clarity’s 2020 thought leadership framework
  • How to pitch, blog or tweet your thought leadership

Format: Workshop
Skill level: Beginner to advanced
Duration: Full day
Number of participants: Ideal for groups of up to six, larger groups on request.

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