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Social Media Training


Understand how social media can work for you in our newly developed social media training program. Each session is based on proven frameworks and supported by relevant case studies.

You can:

  • Discover how social media fits into your organisation's media and communication strategy
  • Learn how a crisis unfolds in social media, and how social media can start or escalate a crisis
  • Become a confident and compelling social media spokesperson for your organisation

Can’t see the right course? Let us customise a program to meet your specific needs. Click here to contact us.

Corporate Workshops and Seminars

Click on the course name below to see more detail about each social media training workshop.

Social Media Essentials

Social Media Essentials

Learn the techniques you need to be a safe, confident and compelling spokesperson in social media. BEGINNER/ INTERMEDIATE.

Managing a Crisis in the Social Media

Managing a Crisis in the Social Media

Raise your team’s social media crisis awareness and crisis literacy with this comprehensive introduction to how social media can effect the evolution and reporting of a crisis. ALL LEVELS