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Our Work

Because we are all journalists by training, we have to give you the news as the five W’s + How!

Who » What » Where » Why » When » How


Clarity’s trainers are all former journalists who have retrained as specialist trainers. We all hold nationally recognised training qualifications in Assessment and Workplace Training.

We use expert, working journalists for practice interviews in our media training workshops and coaching sessions.

We are members of the PRIA and RCG.

Who we train

Anyone who communicates with the media, and who wants to upgrade and hone their media skills should attend media training with Clarity.

We cater for all levels of media experience, from novices to seasoned media spokespeople with highly developed media skills.


Clarity is a 100% Australian owned specialist media and communication training company providing high quality, customised training to corporate, professional, government, not-for-profit and other organisations.

We want to show you how you can use communication strategically to enhance your organisation’s reputation and bottom line.


We are Sydney based and we train companies throughout Australia, Asia and NZ. We will come to you and use your facilities or we can use our own fully-equipped training room, located in Pitt Street in the Sydney CBD.


Our purpose is to help people communicate confidently and expertly in high stakes situations: in media interviews, in business, even in times of crisis.


You can confidently use our communication techniques and frameworks when facing any type of media interview or strategic communication situation.

Click here for a comprehensive list of types of media interviews we can help you prepare for.

Click here for a comprehensive list of types of communication we can help you prepare for.


We are passionate about helping people develop their media and communication skills so that they can achieve the highest level of communication competency for their business or organisation.

Please contact us to enquire about how our team can grow your media and business communication skills.

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