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CLEARWAY - The Clarity Blog

  • 19th Apr 17

    Judge's Crime against communication

    Judge Neilson's 17 hour judgement bludgeoned his audience into submission instead of seducing them with the power and clarity of his logic. Great communicators know it's the power of your story, not the length of it, that shapes opinion.

  • 12th Apr 17

    United in damage control

    Third time lucky United Airlines as they finally issue a decent apology. But not before it burned US$1 billion from the share price and triggered worldwide calls for a boycott.

  • 11th Apr 17

    United Apology sparks outrage

    United's assault on an innocent passenger was bad - but the faux apology poured petrol on the crisis and ensured it went viral.

  • 30th Mar 17

    Sky's Apology Fail

    While Sky gets full marks for flicking Mark Latham after his dummy spit, their apology was one of the worst I've read for a long time

  • 13th Mar 17

    Coopers' hijacked by Bible Society

    Coopers claim their brand was hijacked by the Bible Society - they're in a social media firestorm and they need to fight back.

  • 30th Nov 16

    Dreamworld Spins WHSQ

    If Dreamworld's imminent announcement of a reopening date is only possible because of the successful spin they put on the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland report. How do we communicate in a post truth world. 

  • 17th Nov 16

    Dreamworld - should they or shouldn't they?

    Dreamworld's management is under pressure to reopen and stem the losses. What would convince you to trust them?

  • 2nd Nov 16

    Lessons from the nightmare at Dreamworld

    The tragedy at Dreamworld, and the way Ardent Leisure handled it, is powerful case study of how not to communicate in a crisis.

  • 22nd Sep 16

    Well Played Skittles

    When Trump dropped Skittles in a minefield, there were three options open to them. They found the only way out with a grace we don't normally see in media.

  • 8th Sep 16

    Dastyari's Downfall

    This week's Dastyari debacle was a high stakes battle of the sound bites. And the Labor party got it completely wrong. 

  • 1st Sep 16

    Interview that wiped $3billion from Mylan

    Mylan CEO Heather Bresch made a brave attempt to justify a 400%+ price hike for Epipens. But she was trying to defend the indefensible and wiped US$3 billion off the company's value. Proof technique + Content are critical for persuasive media interviews.

  • 24th Aug 16

    Managing The Madness of Salim Mehajer

    Salim Mehajer's latest outrage is a perfect case study of how a crisis unfolds and how it can be managed with careful communication. Forgiveness is the key.

  • 17th Aug 16

    Social media and the gullible public

    A simple social media stunt was the platform to launch a major policy - the public loved it and not even the media called it out as shameless propaganda.

  • 10th Aug 16

    Fixing the Census crisis

    Census 2016 has failed, but rather than join the Trolls, let's combine forces to help the ABS repair the damage. What advice can you give the ABS to move from #censusfail to #censuspheonix

  • 3rd Aug 16

    How Byron Burgers killed a £100m brand

    Cult UK chain Byron Burgers, once valued at £​100m, is facing oblivion at the hands of outraged customers after they failed to see collateral damage to their reputation by luring employees to an immigration raid. Then they inflamed the crisis with an inappropriate apology. 

  • 27th Jul 16

    Are you ever off duty in a crisis

    Jillian Skinner's the latest in a long list of crisis spokespeople slammed for being absent from the coalface. Which raises two questions for me:  are you ever off duty in a crisis and what's driving that outrage? 

  • 20th Jul 16

    Lessons from AFL D*k Pic crisis

    Another footy player sexting scandal broke this week,ho hum. But while his genitals were splashed all over the web, his name has been suppressed. How did the AFL pull it off?

  • 13th Jul 16

    Avoiding Andrea Leadsome style train wrecks

    Andrea Leadsome's career limiting train wreck interview was an own goal. While you can't train for stupid, there are some simple rules to keep safe and effective with media.

  • 5th Jul 16

    Billy Crystal, Princess Di & the art of the Anecdote

    In a media interview, an anecdote is the gift that keeps giving. And Billy Crystal nails the art of the anecdote in this interview – his Princess Diana story drove the angle and the headline.

  • 22nd Jun 16

    Dr Who, Trump and the Kill Shot

    Trump plagarised Dr Who with a kill shot that's dominating the media in the US. And corporates like Qantas and NAB are catching on fast.

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