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Media training, communication training

Corporate training

Our fun and engaging workshops are tailored to deliver practical and effective media training, crisis skills and business communication know-how.

Bullet proof your media spokespeople

Our media training workshops will empower you to step into the spotlight to promote and protect your organisation’s reputation.

Sharpen your media skills and boost your confidence so you can protect your reputation in even the most difficult media interviews.

We know media training

We’re media training and communication specialists.

Our media trainers are trained journalists with qualifications in business and adult learning.

Proven media training frameworks

Develop your media skills and maximise your media interview performance with our practical frameworks, useful tools and proven techniques.

Build your skills and confidence

Our comprehensive range of workshops delivers media and communication skills to spokespeople at all levels of experience.

Learn to understand, engage with and manage the media with certainty and confidence.

Strategic communication training

We design a customised, relevant communication or media training program for every client. We'll help you work out the type of training your business needs and the skill level of your spokespeople.  

Our training is focused on tangible outcomes, and joining and influencing the public debate.
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Latest News

    • Why Lawyers Communicate Badly 26th Mar 14

      When lawyers are interviewed by journalists it invariably goes horribly wrong. Lawyers are trained to define the world in terms of what it isn’t, and that makes clear communication very difficult for them. But there is hope.

    • What Andrew Bolt shows us about conflict 19th Mar 14

      Playing the conflict card will attract media attention every time - as Andrew Bolt knows too well. But the real tragedy is your strategic insight is lost in the media frenzy.

    • Lessons from a plane crash 12th Mar 14

      In a crisis, the rumour mill goes into overdrive.Your customers, employees and other stakeholders deserve to be kept informed.

    • First Twitter defo sends chill warning 5th Mar 14

      A landmark Twitter defamation case sends a $105,000 wake up call to Corporate Australia